Change Email Subjects so they are Easier to Find & Make Email Content Brief using Bullet Points.


Taylor: Radio Submissions

We Waste a lot of time looking for information in emails with the Wrong SUBJECT !

Make Subjects Easier to Find & Make Email Content Brief using Bullet Points.

Email SUBJECTS; Change Them to MAtch the Email Content; Duh !

With the large amount of info we exchange, following simple, logical email practices helps us have better, faster, time-saving & money-saving email practices:

Please take the extra step to make your email SUBJECT match the content of your email;

-if We send You an email Subject: RADIO XXX
-& you reply to that email with info about another subject ( ZZZ )
-but you do not change the subject XXX,
-then when we search for an email subject ZZZ we can not find it because the subject was a reply named the previous Subject XXX.
****( SUBJECT should be changed to the New Subject: ZZZ )
So please take the extra step to make your email subject match the content of the email.


EMAIL Asking for Booking***EXAMPLE: less is More, easier to read, comprehend & Remember !

Band: —– ( Alt-Rock )

Willing to contribute to Ad Budget

Previous Gigs: ( biggest 3 or closest 3 )—.com

Awards: ( top 2 )

Band Contact:

—-Long version below bores busy people;

Hi ____________,
We are —, a — rock band. We are launching a National Radio Campaign, and are going for spins in your area. We would love to set up a date to play at your venue, and we would also like to offer to contribute to the show’s advertising budget to help the concert promoter.


We are looking to book dates anytime from the end of September through October. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
We look forward to hearing from you,

( More to be Added )

Our Consultation covers all of the following subjects:

~ SINGLE PICK for Radio
~ SONG INTROS for Commercial Radio
~ PUBLICITY in 2017 has changed, Do Not Waste Money
~ Booking, Touring & Performance Coaching
~ INTERVIEWS: Radio, TV, Social & Print
~ MIXING Advice, before Mastering
~ Sales: Music & Merch
~ VIDEO; Bad Concepts & Too Expensive
~ Products ( CD, Merch ) Production Details
~ Song Order
~ Advertising Content & Copy Layout
~ Publishing

* $ 100. Deposit is applied to any future work.



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WARNER Brothers Records
COLUMBIA Records’ Burns
Cody Chesnutt w/The ROOTS


Taylor: Submissions
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POP / AC Artists

NO EXTRA CHARGE for Consultation & Advice BEFORE the Radio Launch !

Flanagan Promotions is the only Company that offers that.

We are an Independent Radio Promotion Company, an ‘Indie’.

Alt Rock, Alternative Rock or Modern Rock is more melodic than Hard Rock or Loud Rock Radio Promotion. New bands need to start on Radio Specialty Shows or New Music Shows. College Radio Promotion is another service we offer, often done in conjunction with Commercial Radio Promotion. When we Promote POP / HOT AC we have achieved National Radio Charting 100% of the time by choosing the Radio Singles carefully.

We are a Full Service Music Promotion Company:

Radio Promotion is our Priority and Specialty because of the Power of Radio reaching Millions of Listeners. The Top Promotion Companies, Top Music Promotion Companies, Radio Consultants & Radio Quarterbacks’ services overlap. Flanagan Promotions can function in all these capacities, guiding the project to achieve Radio Airplay through Radio Promotion; achieving Maximum Listener Exposure!