Promotion Steps / Mistakes / Strategies:

We CUSTOM DESIGN each Promotion Campaign for Your Music Style !


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There are many Promotion Companies but they all offer the Same Promotion Plan to all Musicians !

It is always good to get a referral, but from whom ? See our Referral.

” Never Criticize the Musician, Never Tell the Musician They are Wrong “
Unfortunately, this often leads to wrong Promotion Choices:

-Wrong Radio Format

-Wrong Choice of Radio Singles

-Wrong Artwork Images

-Amateur Wording on Promotion Materials

Musicians tell us that other Radio Promoters never said anything about the mistakes listed above or anything critical because they are afraid of criticizing the musician.

We feel it is better for the success of the Project to be honest with Musicians & trust that they also want what is best for the Project, not to just have their egos stroked.

Digital Distribution Services are throwing songs in the wind:

Radio Stations & Important People will Not download a new artist on their own, they must be personally asked.

Radio Promotion Companies’ Strategies Explained:

Standard Radio Promotion Companies offer a client a short term fee ( 4-6 WEEKS ) so the client does not have to pay much at the start. This plan is not the best because the promoter only has a limited budget to start with so they cannot start strong.

To achieve the best momentum it’s best to start Strong. This is why Flanagan’s Radio Promotion Campaign Plan starts with an understanding that it is at least a 3-6 MONTH Process to achieve Maximum Momentum & Exposure. National Charting Campaigns especially need a Strong Start because of all the spins that have to be coordinated to achieve Charting, so;

Start Early, Fund Early & Get Great Momentum !

Mailing Music to Radio: 1st Class Only ! ONLY Big Record Companies can ONLY send a digital file, independent labels & musicians should service hard copies, 1st Class mail.
A mailing problem when a promotion company is paid to mail the CD is they mail it 4th Class mail to save pennies.
The best promotion effort is to mail hard copies 1st Class mail.

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Our Consultation covers all of the following subjects:

~ PICK 1st SINGLE for Campaign

~ SONG INTRO CHANGES for Commercial Radio

– ARTWORK IMAGES, Pro Wording & Branding

~ PUBLICITY in 2017 has changed, Do Not Waste Money

~ VIDEOS: Too Expensive & Bad Concepts for 2017

~ INTERVIEWS: Radio, TV, Social & Print

~ Mixing Advice, before Mastering

~ Products ( CD, Merch ) Production Details

~ Booking, Touring & Performance Coaching
~ Sales: Music & Merch
~ Song Order
~ Advertising Content & Copy Layout
~ Publishing

* $ 100. Deposit is applied to any future work.



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Taylor: Radio Submissions
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NO EXTRA CHARGE for Consultation & Advice BEFORE the Radio Launch !

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